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Class: Motorcycle Team Building Event

Moto Guild Presents: Bike Build Chicago

Our Motorcycle Team Building Event is designed to be a creative and unique way for groups to learn problem solving while collaborating in a team bonding classic DIY atmosphere.

Bike Build can accommodate up to 24 people in teams of up to 6. Each team is assigned a motorcycle and roles are assigned to the members of each team. Those teams represent leadership, distribution and assembly. Each team will have all the parts and a manual to take an early 1970’s Honda motorcycle from exploded view to running machine. Additionally the Bike Build coaches will be there to assist teams with helpful hints and encouragement as well as pointing out some of the more interesting mechanical aspects of the machines you’re working on.

The first team to get the bike to run consistently for 30 seconds is the winner.

The event starts with gathering of the participants in our lounge where beverages and snacks are served. Once everyone has arrived and had a chance to mingle we give a run down of the Bike Build event, some history of the shop and of the motorcycles as well as pointers on how to work together effectively to win the competition.

The build has a block of time of about 3hrs…currently our standing record is 1:58 and slowest is 2:40. Once a winner has been declared a meal is served with beverages where everyone gets a chance to talk over the event, congratulate and dream of owning your own motorcycle. For the most part the event runs door to door about 5hrs, this is entirely dependent on the participants.

This event is custom-tailored to your group. Call us (312·989·3167) or send an email to schedule your event.

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