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Tire Changer

One of the simplest things to do to save yourself time and money is to change your own tires.

To use the Tire Changer you must first attend the Tire Change Workshop.



The cost to use the K&L Powered Tire Changer is included in the cost of the Workstation.

If you bring your wheels off the bike the cost is $15 per hour and there is no need to make a reservation, but you still need to have learned how to use the machine.

Wheel weights are included in the cost of the station rental but tire disposal fee is $5 per tire.


– K&L Electric Tire Change Machine
– Wheel weights, black and silver
– Spoke wheel weights
– Used tire disposal
– Tire irons and spoons
– Assortment of accessories to help make tire changing simple



We offer very good prices on most tire brands and can have them here in 1-2 days. If you can find better prices elsewhere, have your tires shipped to the shop – they will be at the shop waiting for you when you arrive.