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Classes and Workshops

Here is our current lineup for 2016. New topics are added all the time but if there is something you want to learn now that is not on this page let us know. We can create a private workshop or lesson. There are no pre-requisites to take a class or workshop, you may take any class at any time.


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Learn the techniques of just how easy it is to replace your leaky fork seals. Get ready to get dirty. Students will learn hands-on how to remove the forks from the motorcycle, dismantle the forks, drain the fork oil and discuss the interior and exterior of the fork and fork seals. Students will then replace the new fork seals and reassemble them back onto the motorcycle and test the the forks dampening and rebound. This is a GREAT opportunity to learn how to do it yourself. Sign up today on our calendar. $40



Intro to Suspension Components, Theory and Set Up

Whether you have the latest high – tech adjustable suspension or a vintage ride, your suspension’s condition and set up are critical to a fast, safe ride on the track or today’s sketchy roads. Correct set up can maximize traction, control and comfort.

This four hour program draws from several of Total Control Training’s courses. It will mix instruction on suspension components, how they work and practical tuning tips with hands on practice. There will even be a special section on how to upgrade vintage or “budget” suspension to modern performance! If you want to get the most performance from your machine on today’s roads you will want to catch this program.

Space is limited, reserve early (particularly if you want to bring your bike), we look forward to working with you. $65


ENGINE REBUILD CLASS                 

demonstration on how to tear down a motor and prep it for rebuilding. The wear and tear of your engine will tell a story. Class high lights Inspection of cylinder bore, piston honers vs flex electric honers and talking about what you can and can’t do at home as a shop. Installation of piston rings, cam chain tension, timing, Chain adjustments, slip rollers, va slip guides, replacing gaskets, replacing seals, reseat valve vs laying valve, rocker arm clearance, porting, valve spring, stock vs after market racing spring. Dog leg thickness, inspection gear, clutch wear by measuring friction, disc, free length of clutch spring, rebuild your clutch, lubricating your clutch, oil filter centrifugal type. Q&A to follow kick ass demo. .
. $75


BIKE BUILD WORKSHOP Moto Guild Presents: An evening of restoring a vintage Japanese motorcycle. This workshop is %100 hand-on. You and your friends, or come solo and make new friends, will reassemble one our our vintage motorcycles. We can host a min of 4 students with a maximum of 18 students. 6 students per bike max. Awesome lessons in restoring a motorcycle while having fun. Ask questions to our mechanics, bust some knuckles with a friend, show off your mechanical skills. $75

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Intro to Motorcycle Maintenance $75

This is an excellent introductory class for new riders or those new to the experience of working on their motorcycle. Take a tour of the shop, learn the basics of tool use, and learn about the components of a motorcycle, and how to inspect and maintain them. A demo bike will be used to cover all topics, followed by inspections of each student’s motorcycle to see what maintenance is needed and when.

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Motorcycle Oil Change ClassOil Change Workshop $45

Change the oil and oil filter on your motorcycle in this hands-on workshop with the help of an instructor. We will provide you with the tools to make this routine maintenance simple.


Chain & Sprockets Workshop $55-$115

Learn how the drive chain and gearing work on your motorcycle – how to adjust your chain tension, inspect the chain and sprockets for wear, and replace them. This is also handy if you want to change your current sprockets to get more umph or create a more comfortable highway rpm for commuting.

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Tire Change Motorcycle Class

Tire Change Workshop $35-$145

Students will learn how to remove the wheels from their motorcycle, use the K&L Electric Tire Changer to replace their tires, and then balance and reinstall their wheels. You may also incorporate the brake workshop if your looking to do both the tires and brakes at the same time. This class is required before using the tire changer on your own.



Brakes Workshop $45-$115

Braking is one of the most important areas of maintenance to know about on a motorcycle. Keeping your brake pads in spec and brake fluid fresh is key. Allowing your brake pads to wear too low can result in hundreds of dollars in repair and be extremely dangerous. Tire Workshops can also be incorporated with the Brake Workshops if your looking to do brakes and tires at the same time. Prices vary.



Carburetor and Fuel Injection Workshop $95

Learn how fuel systems work on motorcycles. Whether you have carburetors or fuel injection, they must work properly to keep your motorcycle running smoothly. You will learn how to recognize various types of carburetor assemblies, disassemble them, clean them, sync them, and replace jets. Everything will be demonstrated in a hands-on fashion with real carburetors and a throttle body.

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Minor Service Workshop – $175

One step above the Intro to Maintenance Class, this workshop will lead you through performing the Minor Service on your motorcycle: oil and filter change, fluids check, air filter change, spark plug change, chain; adjust, clean & lube.

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Valve Adjustment / Major Service Workshop  $150-$375
Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, BMW, Triumph

Learn how to check and adjust your valve clearances, change spark plugs, replace the air filter and sync your throttle bodies or carburetors.

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